New Zealand & Pacific Islands Donation Programme

By making a donation today  this will support communities suffering from energy poverty and the health effects of cooking over open fires.

One cook stove has the ability to help the environment by reducing open fire cooking, it will prevent C02 emission by an estimated 1.25 tonnes per year.

Your donation will help to sponsor cook stove’s into villages and communities across the Pacific Islands.  This will supply energy that is clean cooking, low cost, combats climate change and gives support in disasters. Enabling communication and education, while empowering people to generate income.

We thank you for your kindness and generosity, gifting women and children a life free from cook smoke.

“I cook over an open fire every day to feed my large family.

The smoke burns my eyes and makes me cry with the pain, I cough all day long from the smoke.

Cooking takes all day as we have to collect wood and make the fire.

My young ones sit in the smoke filled house while I cook and are always sick, we don’t have doctors on our island and they are two expensive and far away to help.

We women are use to this, it is our life as it was our mothers and grandmothers.

My hope is it will be different for my daughters “