New Zealand & Pacific Islands Donation Programme

Every purchase offers a choice of donations to either our ‘Gift twice the Gift’ programme to the Islands, or to the Kiwi Kids Club programme run in  New Zealand schools by NZ Forest and Bird.

For those interested in offering a direct donation of a cookstove please contact us direct so we can ensure your donation goes to one of our families with the greatest need. Your donation will

  • Remove the cost and dependance on expensive fuels
  • Reduce time spent gathering firewood
  • Reduce almost all smoke
  • Provide lighting so children can read at night
  • Provide a source of electricity to recharge devices such as mobile phones and laptops
  • Reduce the risk of burns, especially for young children
  • Give back time to the Women and Children who can be trapped keeping fires burning.   




We thank you for your kindness and generosity, gifting women and children a life free from cook smoke.twice

“I cook over an open fire every day to feed my large family.

The smoke burns my eyes and makes me cry with the pain, I cough all day long from the smoke.

Cooking takes all day as we have to collect wood and make the fire.

My young ones sit in the smoke filled house while I cook and are always sick, we don’t have doctors on our island and they are two expensive and far away to help.

We women are use to this, it is our life as it was our mothers and grandmothers.

My hope is it will be different for my daughters “