What does Bio Energy Cooker mean?

Off The Grid Bio Energy Cooker
The ACE1

Introducing the ACE 1 bio energy system founded by African Clean Energy, an advanced cook stove that reduces smoke emissions to negligible levels. The ACE 1 is among the cleanest and most high-tech stoves currently available, providing clean cooking with a range of biomass fuels such as wood pellets, coconut shell and twigs in addition to offering solar electricity for mobile phone charging and LED lighting. it is also a way to enjoy your leisure time with family and friends knowing you will never run short of fuel. Our goal ‘health for people, plants and planet…’   

The ACE 1's 10.1-lb (4.6-kg) weight makes it very appealing to people looking for a clean off the grid outdoor cooking alternative to heavy and bulky barbeques and gas bottles.

Camping and Motor home Leisure Seekers

Hunting, Fishing and Boating Enthusiasts

Off the grid dwellers - Batches, Huts and Cabins

Who the Cooker is Ideal for?

Leisure Market

Get off the grid with our Bio energy Cook stove!! Cook, Light and charge up your next adventure with an ACE1, an easy way to enjoy your leisure time with family and friends.

Pacific Island Communities

Off The Grid Bio energy Cooker the Ace1 has the ability to change and save lives throughout our Pacific Island communities who suffer from Energy Poverty and health issues from cooking on open fires.

Disaster and Emergencies

Don’t Think it won’t happen Be Prepared. Does your emergency cooker have the ability to run for months off the grid?? The ACE 1 does! It will:
• Charge a device
• Run a LED light
• Is fuelled by nature – sticks, twigs any dry natural material..
An essential part of all disaster kits!

What are the Features?

The ACE 1 stove combines elements of solar and biomass power to offer an eco-friendly cooking solution that also charges electronic devices.

  • The stove is a cooking/charging solution for connected campers, motorhomes, boating and remote, off-grid dwellers and batches.
  • The ACE 1 is a solar-biomass hybrid that uses one LiFePO4 battery to power a ventilator creating clean biomass combustion, as well as to give users access to solar electricity for mobile charging and lighting.

A fan blows oxygen into the chamber through holes at both the bottom and the top.

  • This drives the fire to increase in temperature until it reaches approximately 1000°C. These conditions cause the biomass to gasify.
  • Then the hot gas floats up to the top, meeting more oxygen and combusting completely.
  • The stove will produce as much as 5kW worth of energy, and the outside temperature, though warm after continued use, does not become hot enough to cause injury.
  • When fully charged, the battery will power the fan for over 20 hours of cooking.
  • The battery can also be used to charge a mobile device or run LED lighting, and can be boosted using a solar panel.

The ACE 1 is an advanced cookstove which reduces smoke emissions to negligible levels.

  • The ACE 1 is among the most high-tech stoves currently available, providing cleaner energy than the vast majority of products on the market.
  • The ACE 1 is among the most high-tech stoves currently available, providing cleaner energy than the vast majority of products on the market.
  • The ACE 1 also offers nano-grid solar electricity for mobile phone charging and LED lighting, making it an integrated energy solution for off-grid communities.
  • The ACE 1 has been independently tested to IWA-ISO standards, receiving a tier 3 rating for emissions, indoor emissions and efficiency, and receiving a tier 4 safety rating.

What are the Benefits?

The main demographic the company hopes to reach, however, is people throughout the Pacific Islands that rely on open-fire cooking for daily living.

  • The ACE 1's efficient, smokeless design is aimed at cutting the health risks associated with indoor solid-fuel cooking, a problem the World Health Organization estimates kills more than 4 million people per year.
  • The ability to provide small amounts of electricity for things like mobile phones and lighting is an added plus.

Pay it Forward with an ACE1

Kiwi Clean Livings Vision is to provide sustainable easy off the grid energy while combating serious health, disaster and environmental issues.

Kiwi Clean Living will sponsor $30 from your purchase of an ACE1 cook stove through our online shop.

Give Twice the Gift

Funds from every 12 Cookers we sell here in New Zealand provides one of our villages with a clean cookstove, lighting and off-grid power.

Up to 80% of people across the Pacific Island still cook over open fires. Black carbon is not only a leading cause in eye and lung disease, but also associated to low birth weights in children. Every time we remove the dependence on an open fire for cooking we help by reducing C02 emissions by an estimated 1.25 tonnes per year.

  In day to day living or in times of a civil emergency the ACE1 is able to provide instant smoke free cooking, lighting and device recharging.

This is your opportunity to be part of our story here in the South Pacific.  


Kiwi Clean Living is a proud sponsor of New Zealand Forest and Birds ‘Kiwi Conservation Club’. Every ACE1 purchase goes toward the sponsorship of a school into the Kiwi Conservation Club

Forest & Bird’s Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC) | Hakuturi Toa  connects children and their families with nature. Join in with fun, nature based events across the country, become a Youth reporter and enjoy discovering more about nature through the quarterly Wild Things magazines. 

Visit KCC’s website, www.kcc.org.nz, to find out more..


To find out more please contact us at info@kiwicleanliving.co.nz

Off The Grid Bio Energy Cooker – The ACE1

  • Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 35cm
  • Weight: 4.6kg.
  • Fuel Consumption:
    • Full fan 750 grams (8mm pellet) in 50 minutes.
    • Low fan 750 grams (8mm pellet) in 100 minutes.
  • Battery: LiFePO4 6.4 V / 5 Ah.
  • The ACE-1 Cooker comes with:
    • LED Light 100 lumens
    • Solar Panel 9 volt SW unit unregulated (regulator integrated into the stove)
    • Wall Charger for battery 9 volt

product reviews for ace1

  • Our son has an ACE1 Ultra-Clean Biomass Cook stove. He works on a farm in the Canterbury high country, so the cooker is an invaluable item to have should the power go out. It would enable him to keep warm, cook and charge his ‘phone. Thank you Kiwi Clean Living for the opportunity to purchase it.

    Jo Blue

    Awatere Valley, Marlborough.
  • Thanks to the Biomass Stove, we wouldn’t have been able to boil water cook charge PHS or keep warm when we got stranded by landslides last year G8T invention.

    Judith Williams

    Cromwell, Central Otago
  • My wife and I purchased this cooker just over a year ago and it is absolutely brilliant!  We like it because it is small, portable, very easy to use and incredibly efficient. It even has an LED light for night cooking. Finding fuel is easy. We use small pieces of wood and/or pallet fire fuel but you can also use charcoal. The biggest positive for us about this cooker is our peace of mind. We know that if there is ever a need to survive without electricity, we can still easily prepare hot meals and drinks.

    Wayne R Allott

    Picton, Marlborough
  • I have been using mine for nearly 3 years we use it every day, I have made plates to sit on top so we can cook big family dinners, a 20 ltr pot also works well can feed my whole family. They light is also great as the power goes out all the time and we can still see as it is so bright. The cooker works fast like gas and I don’t need hardly any wood to keep it going.

    Paterson Piva

    Honiara, Solomon Islands
  • Had my cooker for 2 years works well very, happy, my wife very happy no smoke in her eyes and she doesn’t cough. Keeps fire away from my little ones as they can get burns from the fire pit. Uses less wood don’t have to go and get big long sticks just little stick and twigs coconut burns really well, nice and hot. Save money on gas as it is very expensive in Vanuatu.

    Jimmy Lore

    Lelepa Island, Vanuatu